About Us

As SMARTSCORING team, we fully realize the
immense importance of data management and
evaluation procedures for any sports competition event.
Behind those few minutes or hours of competition there are years of
training, diligent work, determination and commitment. Eliminating
even the smallest possibility of error, providing the most accurate
assessment tools, backed with the most innovative and contemporary
equipment available - had been and always will be our passion.
SMARTSCORING Games Support System provides inclusive, effective,
efficient and flexible set of solutions, capable of meeting any expectations.
Since very beginning, we have always believed in effective, yet flexible and largely adaptable systems, capable of maintaining wide range of competitions. Providing clients with seamless, operational solutions had always been the primary mission of our company and today we can proudly look back, apprise milestones achieved, hardships endured and move forward towards even bigger challenges and greater achievements. At SMARTSCORING, we believe those challenges enable us to discover, to learn, to implement and continuously improve our products. With these in mind, to date we view our services and solutions among most promising on the market.
Putting great emphasis on client satisfaction and meeting expectations, we strongly believe in an exclusive approach and distinctiveness of each competition. Hence, our work always starts with closer familiarization of the upcoming event to be managed, understanding of client’s desires and needs, as well as provision of recommendations and suggestions regarding the most appropriate solution. We make sure all aspects are taken into consideration, all client groups of the competition are provided with necessary data and the general scenario is implemented according to the initial agenda.
In addition to coordination of complex sports events, recording of a substantial amount of information is no less important procedure. Registration and accreditation appears to be a massive and time-consuming operation. With the addition of media and other interested parties, awaiting the results to be available as soon as possible, the magnitude and liability of management system never was so crucial. SMARTSCORING meets and exceeds all these tasks, responsibilities, providing client groups with precise and objective information.