26th European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline

Baku/AZE 2018 12-15 April 2018

This year, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation will draw attention with saturated events’ plan again.

Thus, along with the World Cups in 2018, for the first time, the Federation will also host the European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline on April 12-15. It is expected that more than 400 athletes in 3 disciplines in total from 25 countries in senior, and 26 countries in junior program, will compete in the 26th Championships to be held at Milli Gimnastika Arenası (National Gymnastics Arena).

The 4-day tournament at the Arena which is turned out to be a home for gymnasts, features events in 4 competitive programs - Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double-Mini Trampoline.

There will be held Qualifications both among Juniors and Seniors as well as Team Finals in all disciplines on the 1st and 2nd days of the competitions.

On April 14, gymnasts (Juniors and Seniors) will perform in the Qualifications in the Trampoline Synchronised and Individual programs. Taking into account that the format of the European and World Championships consists of 2 Qualification Rounds in Individual Trampoline, Semi-finals with a participation of the best 24 gymnast from the 1st Qualification Round will take place in the Trampoline Individual events prior to the Finals in this discipline within the framework of the Championships. On the last day of the tournament, the names of the medallists will be known in the finals in 4 disciplines (Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline).

And the main characteristic feature of the European Championships is that Juniors will be able to be qualified for the Youth Olympic Games-2018, while the Seniors for the European Games-2019 namely in Baku.

Tickets for the Championships are available at the Ticketing Office of the Arena. The tickets’ price constitutes 10 manat for the first 2 days of the events, while the tickets for the last 2 days are available at 15 manat.

More detailed information about the competitions can be found on the federation’s official website (www.agf.az).

Location: Milli Gimnastika Arenası
Telephone: (+994 12/51) 566-96-99
Address: 178 H.Aliyev ave., Baku
Passage: “Koroghlu” metro station